Day 356 Waldorf Astoria Salad

I’ve been wanting to make this salad for a long time but I kept thinking I needed a special occasion. Perhaps it is the title — Waldorf Astoria Salad. I decided to treat myself to it today, especially since I have some salad dressing left from Monday’s 1906 style dinner. I even have all the other ingredients something that has also stopped me this year. The recipe was contributed by L. M. Crothers to the 1906 Berlin Cook Book.

The Waldorf Astoria Salad on a lettuce leaf.

The Waldorf Astoria Salad on a lettuce leaf.

I decided to make just half of the salad. I used a Spy apple since it is a nice sour variety. It took just half the apple to get a cup of cubed apple.  I didn’t bother peeling the apple as I thought the red colour would be nice. I cut two stalks of celery for 1 cup of chopped celery. Half a cup of chopped walnuts finished the ingredients. I stirred in a tablespoon of the Dressing Made with Butter and placed a couple of spoonfuls of the salad on a lettuce leaf before sampling.

L. M. Crothers is a mystery. There are no Crothers in Waterloo Generations website and the only ones in the census for 1901 and 1911 are not close and none seem quite right. L. M Crothers must have lived in the area between the censuses. Perhaps she came into the area because of one of the factories and moved on after just a few years.

Close up of delicious Waldorf Astoria Salad

Close up of delicious Waldorf Astoria Salad

Waldorf Astoria Salad is as good as I expected. The salad dressing works well with it and it is a very refreshing winter salad. The red and green colours in the salad make it a good choice for Christmas too. I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful and healthy salad.

1 pint sour apples cut in cubes, 1 pint celery cut the same, 1/2 pint English walnuts, mix with mayonnaise dressing. Serve on lettuce leaf.

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One Response to Day 356 Waldorf Astoria Salad

  1. Tom Reitz says:

    I always think of this salad as having miniature marshmallows in it … but then again, maybe that’s ambrosia. Which I’m sure isn’t in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book.

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