Day 339 Maple Cream

Although I’m waiting for the last of the dry wall to be finished I had to go ahead and unpack some boxes in that area as it turns out something is leaking and several of the boxes got wet. The up side of unpacking those boxes was discovering some Christmas material which I’d forgotten. In particular some tins suitable for giving and storing treats. Thus today’s recipe is the last of the Maple Cream recipes from the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. This one was contributed by Lottie Rittinger.

I measured the brown sugar and milk and put them in a saucepan over medium high heat. I added the pinch of salt and started to stir. I really wasn’t sure how to tell determine when it was ready to remove from the heat. The instructions say “boil until it creams”. I’m glad I had experience making the other four versions of maple cream in this cook book. I felt Lottie Rittinger’s candy would be similar so  I stirred and started timing once it came to a boil. After five minutes I removed it from the heat and added the walnuts and butter. I beat it but stopped before it “sugared” since I’ve made that mistake with another version. I added 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla since I couldn’t imagine what other flavour would suit. What would you add? I poured the mixture into a greased square pan and once it cooled a little I marked it into squares. When it was cold I separated the squares and put them in the tin to store away in hopes of still having some at Christmas. Of course, I did taste a few too!

Lottie Rittinger was 18 years old when the cook book was published several members of her family also contributed recipes. Lottie’s full name was Charlotte and in 1911 according to the census she worked as a stenographer in a rubber clothing factory. She had two older sisters and three younger sisters.  The youngest was only three years old when the cook book was published.

Lottie Rittinger's Maple Cream

Lottie Rittinger’s Maple Cream

This is one of the better versions of maple cream. The name is deceiving since it hasn’t any maple or cream but this is a type of fudge candy and very delicious. I prefer the plain versions to those with walnuts but it is still good. Keep some brown sugar, butter and milk on hand and you can make this candy quickly anytime. Certainly a suitable recipe for Lottie to contribute to the Berlin Cook Book and I imagine popular with her younger sisters too.

Lottie Rittinger
Take 2 cups brown sugar, 1/2 cup milk, a pinch of salt, boil until it creams, stirring all the time, take off fire, add a piece of butter the size of a walnut, 1/2 cup chopped walnuts,stir until it thickens, put in buttered pans, flavor to taste.

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