Day 337 Pea Soup

Today I hosted a surprise birthday party for a friend from out of town. We had a nice trip to the market and then returned to surprise her with a lunch of soup, cold cuts, bread and some yummy desserts. I prepared a soup from the 1906 Berlin Cook Book plus one of my favourites as a back up in case the other was “icky”. I made Pea Soup using a recipe contributed by Mrs. A. B. Maires.

I put 1 pint (2 cups) of dried peas in six cups of water last night. This morning I drained the peas and put them in a large soup pot along with 4 cups (to start) of beef stock. I used a premade boxed stock — something not available in 1906. I chopped one carrot and one onion and part of a turnip. I left it to simmer for several hours. The peas seemed soft when I served it up for lunch.

Mrs. A. B. Maires is a mystery. I can’t find anyone with that surname in the immediate area. There are some Maires in Middlesex county but none in Waterloo county.

The Pea Soup looked okay and tasted quite good but the peas were still a little hard. It needed to cook a bit longer. I also realized I’d only added 4 cups of broth not 4 quarts!! I had added a little more while it cooked but if I’d added 16 cups of broth the peas and other vegetables would have been lost in a sea of liquid. I suppose if I cooked it uncovered some of the broth would be gone. I’m going to try cooking this some more tomorrow and see what happens with some more broth and more time as it has potential to be a good simple and cheap soup.

Mrs. A. B. Maires
1 pint of peas soaked over night, boil in 4 quarts of good beef stock, with an onion, turnip and carrot, if desired, stir frequently that it may not burn, serve with toasted bread cut in small pieces.

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One Response to Day 337 Pea Soup

  1. Desmond says:

    Not the most inspired recipe ever…but you know it’s one that I’ve done (even without the 1906 cookbook), so I guess it’s got durability. Standard issue pea soup in Newfoundland would be carrot, turnip, peas all cooked in salt beef.

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