Day 316 Rice Croquetts

Tonight’s supper included rice so I decided to make Rice Croquetts with the leftover rice. The recipe appears in the Vegetable section of the 1906 Berlin Cook Book and was contributed by another member of the Rumpel family. This time it is Mrs. Oscar Rumpel.

I used two cups of cooked rice and mixed it with one medium egg, one teaspoon salt and about a tablespoon of sugar. The sugar is a guess since it is mentioned in the recipe but doesn’t indicate the amount. It was a challenge to form the rice mixture into balls. I was able to roll them in flour but didn’t bother with the egg. The mix was too fragile for it. I melted a combination of lard and shortening and then fried the rice balls. Once the balls were browning on one side I flipped them over and then removed them to drain before sampling.

Mrs. Oscar Rumpel is Ada H. R. Hilborn. She’s the sister-in-law of Hilda and Olga Rumpel  who are both contributors to the cook book.

My sister was my taster today and she really liked the rice croquettes. The crunchy exterior combined with the sweet and salty soft insides was very appealing. After the first croquette she said “this one is a keeper!”


One half cup rice, 2 eggs, 2 teaspoons salt, boil rice very soft, when cold beat in eggs, sugar and salt, form into balls, dust a little flour over them, roll in egg and fry in hot lard.

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