Day 244 Baked Omelet

It was  a long day today so I decided to make a simple dish using one of the egg recipes from the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. I was able to move my stove back into the kitchen and therefore I am making Baked Omelet. The recipe is attributed to O.H.T. and I have no idea who to research!

I cracked a medium egg into a small bowl and then added the salt, pepper and water. It seems like a lot of salt but perhaps this method requires more than usual. I put a teaspoon of butter in a pan on the stove and then poured in the egg mixture. I had preheated the oven to 350 degrees F. so it was ready for the pan. It took far longer to bake the omelet than I expected. I kept checking but it was at least 10 minutes before the egg was set enough to remove from the oven. It was a bit challenging to “loosen” the omelet and it did break a bit when I turned it onto the plate. It looked okay and now it was time to taste.

It was crisp round the edges and at first I thought it was okay but then all I could taste was salt! I suspect there is a typographical error in this recipe. The proportion of all the other ingredients seems okay so it must be the salt measurement that is in error. Half a teaspoon of salt would be plenty in this recipe. I’m not sure why the omelet is baked instead of fried. It also makes just enough for one person. I can see baking it if the stove top is full but why would one person have the stove top full? The only time I can envision that situation is on washday or perhaps canning season. I think I’ll try making this recipe another time with less salt. But then again I don’t really like eggs so I don’t think I’ll bother. Let me know the result if you try Baked Omelet.

1 egg, 3 teaspoons milk or water, 1 teaspoon salt [sic],  1 teaspoon butter, a dash of pepper. Put a small frying pan to heat, break the egg into a bowl and beat very light, stir in quickly the milk, salt and pepper, measure the butter into a frying pan, let it melt all over the bottom, then turn in the beaten egg, put pan into a moderate oven and bake until omelet is set; loosen edge all round, turn out on a hot plate and serve at once.

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2 Responses to Day 244 Baked Omelet

  1. No wonder OHT didn’t give their full name, lol. That’s a lot of salt for a small recipe!

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