Day 243 Borda Sauce

I still have some green tomatoes from the market last week so I’m going to try making Borda Sauce from the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. The recipe doesn’t have a contributor listed.  The ingredients must sit overnight before the sauce is cooked. I hope I can get the stove back in the kitchen tomorrow so I can cook it. This means I won’t be able to judge the taste until tomorrow.

I don’t have a gallon of green tomatoes but I do have a quart basket so I’ll reduce the recipe. I washed and cut the tomatoes. I also cut most of a head of a small cabbage and chopped a few onions. I mixed the three vegetables together in a large bowl. Next I mixed the spices, salt and sugar. I don’t  have any horseradish but I’ll try to get some tomorrow. Finally I added the vinegar. Once again I mixed thoroughly and left it to sit. It smelled interesting. The green tomatoes have a much firmer texture than ripe tomatoes and of course the colour makes the borda sauce essentially green too until the turmeric is added. The mixture is getting quite “juicy” as the salt extracts the moisture in the various vegetables.

It is challenging to find fresh horseradish and many years ago I grated horseradish as part of my job at a historic site. We had grown it in the garden and finally it was time to harvest the root. It has to be dug and then eventually processed in some way. The simplest is to grate the root and then cover with vinegar. However, grating horseradish by hand is not a fun job. Imagine the intensity of onions and then increase the burn. It is also physically challenging because the root is very solid and difficult to grate by hand. I almost hope I don’t find fresh horseradish and have to use the commercially prepared version.

I’ll update this tomorrow with more about Borda Sauce.

1 gal. green tomatoes, 10 onions cut fine, 1 head of cabbage, 1 tea cup salt, 1/2 ounce tumeric, 1/2 ounce celery seed, 2 lbs. sugar, 1/4 lb. mustard, horse radish to taste, 2 quarts vinegar, salt over night then drain and boil 1 hour.

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One Response to Day 243 Borda Sauce

  1. Laurie says:

    This recipe sounds really good to me. Am looking forward to reading about the results tomorrow. PS. How about borrowing a portable Coleman stove to avoid the renovators nightmare re: “Where is my stove today and is it anywhere near an outlet?” 🙂

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