Day 230 Soft Cookies

Tomorrow I will return to recipes using fruits, vegetables and meats after a visit to the Kitchener Market but now I feel like making cookies. There are two recipes titled Soft Cookies in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. Tonight I’m making the recipe contributed by Mrs. J. Decker. I’ve used her recipes for Kisses and Cottage Pudding.

I creamed the butter and sugar before adding the eggs. These days milk doesn’t sour since it is pasteurized and homogenized so I added a few drops of vinegar to the three tablespoons of milk. I mixed the baking soda with the sour milk since it is common direction in this sort of recipe. I started adding flour and stopped at 2 1/2 cups. This makes a very soft dough. The cookie dough likely will need more flour for easy rolling. Currently my rolling-pin and cookie cutters are somewhere in my main kitchen. That would be the kitchen packed into my living room for the past few weeks awaiting the installation of new flooring throughout the house. Instead of rolling the dough I took teaspoons of dough and rolled them into balls and flattened them on the greased cookie sheet. I baked the cookies for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F. until the edges were golden. I didn’t want to over bake the cookies since they are to be soft.

Mrs. J. Decker could be Caroline wife of Jacob. However, I suspect the recipe was contributed by Veronica C. Kirsch the wife of John Decker. They had 14 children. They are the only Decker family in Berlin in the 1901 census. By 1911, Jacob and Caroline Decker live here too. Caroline could be a contributor, if she moved to Berlin by 1905. They had two children and lived at 15 Agnes Street. Jacob was a machine hand  in a furniture factory while the 26-year-old daughter was a dressmaker in a private home and the 17-year-old son was a runner in a shirt factory. Veronica and John Decker lived at 66 Weber Street and their children worked in a variety of factories.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t started making the cookies when a two-year old taster stopped by. I think he would have liked them. I liked them too. This is a good basic cookie.

1 heaping cup butter, 1 1/2 cups sugar, 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons sour milk, a small teaspoon soda, and as little flour as will roll them out, do not roll them thin.

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