Day 225 Cherry Sauce

We celebrated my mother’s birthday today. She loves those cherry chocolates but can’t have them anymore so I decided to make something cherry tonight. I bought some cherries at the market yesterday but they are not local. They come from Washington state. I tried to get local cherries when they were in season but the supply was very limited due to the spring weather.  This recipe for Cherry Sauce sounds like it might offer a bit of the same flavour. It was submitted for the 1906 Berlin Cook Book, by Mrs. H. D. Mackellar.

As I counted cherries I soon realized that 24 cherries is pretty close to a pint container. There were a few left to eat out of hand. I washed and removed the stems of 24 cherries before putting them in a saucepan. I added a glass of red wine and two tablespoons of sugar. I left it to simmer for twenty minutes. I mashed the cherries a bit and let it cook a little longer. Once the cherries were soft I removed the pits and then cooled the sauce. I was supposed to put it through a sieve but I wanted to try the recipe with the cherry pulp. I can strain it later if necessary.

Olga Rumpel became Mrs. Harry Dale McKellar. She was among the more well off of Berlin citizens so perhaps using fruit out of season would be familiar to her. She was pregnant with the second of her four children when the cook book was published.

The cherry sauce will change depending on the kind of red wine you select, the amount of sugar used and even the flavour of the cherries. This recipe is flexible since you can make it thicker and sweeter by adding more sugar or  make it sweet but not as thick by using a sweeter wine.

Take 2 dozen cherries, cook them soft with a little sugar and a glass of claret, when the cherries are tender. pres through a sieve and chill.

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