Day 215 Nut Sandwiches

Hurrah! I’m back in my house but since my stove is sitting in my living room I needed to find another no cook recipe in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. I also can’t locate my computer so am using a back up laptop. I selected Mrs. G. Bergmann’s recipe for Nut Sandwiches as today’s attempt to transport back to the time when the town of Berlin became a city.

I took 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts and added some mayonnaise.  I stirred it well and spread it on a slice of whole wheat bread. It didn’t look particularly appealing but I went ahead and topped it with the second slice of bread.

Mrs. G. Bergmann is likely Anna Bergman listed in the 1901 census as 26 years old. Her 29-year-old husband George was a tailor. They had a four-year old daughter. Sometime between 1906 and 1911 the family moved to Chatham (a community near Windsor Ontario) where George continued as a tailor working on commission. The family lived on Wellington Street there.

I tasted the Nut Sandwich and it was surprisingly good. I’m not sure I’d bother making it again but perhaps another type of nut and dressing would make it more interesting.

1 cup of peanuts, almonds or walnuts chopped fine, add enough salad dressing to make them stick together. Prepare same as cheese sandwich.

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