Day 213 Cream Cake

I’ve been staying at a friend’s house while she and her family are away. My house sitting gig was opportune as the repairs to my own home are at a stage where I don’t have access to a functioning bathroom. I decided to make a Cream Cake as a welcome home present for my friends. The recipe in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book was contributed by Mrs. Chas. Adloff.

I separated the four medium eggs and mixed the yolks with the cup of sugar. I whipped the whites and added them with the flour and baking powder. I greased a pan and baked it at 350 degrees F. for 25 minutes. While the cake baked I made the sauce. I put 2 cups of regular milk in a saucepan. I beat one egg before adding it to the pan.. I put a little plain milk with the flour to make a smooth paste before adding it to the rest. Once the sauce started to thicken I added the teaspoon of vanilla.

Charles Adloff’s first wife Eva died in 1900 when their daughter Matilda was 14 years old. He married Sophia Hopp a little more than a year later in 1901. In the 1911 census the couple, Matilda and Charles’ 82 year old mother Carrie were living at 56 Alma street in Berlin. Charles is an upholsterer and Matilda worked at home as turner of collars. I wonder what it was like for Sophia in this house. She lives with her mother in law and an adult step daughter.

The cake is a nice plain sponge cake but it is very thin making it a challenge to slice into layers. Unfortunately the sauce clumped up so I had to start again.  The sauce is a very bland and pasty. I think it would improve with a little less flour and perhaps some real cream instead of the milk. In fact I ended up adding two tablespoons of sugar before putting it between the layers of the cake.

I cut a slice of the cake to taste hoping my friends will still see it as a welcoming cake (despite a hunk cut from it). The combination of flavours is not bad. The cream filling is just not my taste. Perhaps if I had grown up with European style desserts I would find this more appealing.

4 eggs, 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder.
Sauce — 1/2 pint sweet milk, 1 egg, 3 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Boil till it thickens then put between layers.

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