Day 210 Beet Salad

I went to the Petrolia Farmers Market today. This is a new endeavour since I used to live in this great town. It’s located in a purpose-built sheltered area behind the library (an old train station). Everything comes from farms and kitchens in the area. There were baked goods, meats, cheese, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Tonight’s supper included corn on the cob, yellow beans, and beets from the market. I used the 5 medium beets to make Beet Salad using Mrs. H. Rathman’s recipe in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. I had to buy the celery for the salad at the grocery store. The soil here is clay and celery just doesn’t do well as it does  in the sandy earth in parts of Kitchener (Berlin).

I made another Beet Salad on the very first day of this project back on January 1st. What a difference 210 days can make in a person’s life and yet some things don’t change at all. I removed the beet greens to use later and cooked the beets whole until tender. I washed and chopped three celery stalks and then chopped the beets once they were cooked and peeled. I heated some butter, and then added salt, pepper and vinegar before pouring it over the beet/celery mixture. I stirred and then left it to sit until supper time.

Kathrine Kraemer married Herman Rathman and they  had at least two children. Her parents were from France while he was born in Germany. In 1911 the couple ages 73 and 64  live at 91 Frederick  street with their 37-year-old daughter Amelia. Herman had been a painter and finisher during his working life.

The salad was better than I expected. I sampled the “dressing” before pouring it on the beets and celery and I found it harsh but after an hour mixed together it had mellowed a bit. It went well with the smoked pork chops, yellow beans, beet greens and potatoes. My first sample immediately after making it made me hesitant to serve Beet Salad but it was quite good after sitting for an hour. My tasters liked it. I still prefer the January 1st Beet Salad but this one suits the summer time. It is very easy to make and doesn’t require the stove in to make the dressing.

Take beets, wash and boil till tender, take the same quantity of celery and chop all fine, 1 tablespoon heated butter, pepper and salt, 1/2 cup vinegar; let stand for a few hours.

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