Day 201 Crisps

I needed a simple recipe so I decided to try making Crisps today. The recipe was contributed by Meda Oberlander for the 1906 Berlin Cook Book.

I sliced the bread and cut off the crust. Then I grated some medium cheddar cheese and sprinkled it on top. I rolled the bread but wasn’t sure how to hold them together since I didn’t have toothpicks. I simply “squished” them and they held together well. I put them on a baking sheet in the oven set at 500 degrees F. It only took 7 minutes to toast but watch them carefully to make them crisp but not burned.

Meda Oberlander contributed a lot of recipes for the cook book. She was the sister of the Lutheran minister at St. Peters church in Berlin Ontario and lived with him. They weren’t in the community very long but seem to have had a big impact.

The Crisps were basically a grilled cheese sandwich but in a different shape. Children would find it fun to make and eat these and they do look a little more elegant than a regular grilled cheese. Modern cooks could experiment with different  cheeses and breads or sprinkle some spices on top or use a flavoured butter. Today’s toaster ovens would make it even easier to make Meda Oberlander’s Crisps.

Slice fresh bread very thin and butter, sprinkle grated cheese on top, remove crust and roll, hold roll together by placing toothpicks in each end, toast light brown, remove toothpicks when toasted. Very nice with salad.

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