Day 197 Cucumber Sandwiches


Today the city of Kitchener attempted to beat the Guiness World Record for the Longest Picnic. Tables were stretched along the street and I was one of the participants. I brought picnic food made using recipes from the 1906 Berlin Cook Book or typical of the era. I enjoyed ham sandwiches, date cookies, beet salad, Ramona Sandwiches and today’s recipe Cucumber Sandwiches. Mrs. H. D. McKellar contributed the recipe.

I made just one cucumber sandwich. I peeled and thinly sliced a section of cucumber. I dipped the slices in commercial mayo and placed them on the bread.

Mrs. H. D. McKellar was Olga Rumpel before marriage to Harry Dales McKellar. I’ve talked about her several times as she is a major contributor of recipes to the cook book. Her family and her husband were factory owners or managers of factories.

I don’t like cucumbers but for some odd reason I like cucumber sandwiches. I worked at a historic site that held afternoon teas through the summer. I made and ate many many cucumber sandwiches over the years. They were simply thin sliced cucumbers laid on thin buttered bread with a little salt and pepper sprinkled on the slices. This version was equally good. There is something about cucumber sandwiches that evokes a refined feeling. They don’t seem like lunch bucket sandwiches but tea and picnics instead. A world Mrs. Rumpel would know well as the wife of a factory manager or owner. Step back in time and try a cucumber sandwich this summer.

Pare one or more cucumbers, and with a sharp knife cut in very thin slices. Soak in slightly salted ice water for fifteen minutes, then drain and dry in a towel. Dip each slice into Mayonnaise and arrange  thin slices of unbuttered bread, sprinkling with a little salt. These sandwiches must be used soon after they are made.

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