Day 190 A Deliciously Flavored Boiled Egg

I continue to have a topsy turvey kitchen in a very hot house so I’m keeping things simple again today. Right now I have a path from the door to the sink and fridge in my main floor kitchen but no access to my stove since the drywallers moved the remaining things in my living room into the kitchen until their work is complete. At the moment I can’t find much of anything and everything is covered in sheets of plastic. It took a while even to find my modem to be able to post yesterday. Today I’ve put a few things in the kitchenette on the top floor of my home but I still lack basic equipment and food supplies so a recipe in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book for A Deliciously Flavored Boiled Egg sounds simple. The recipe was contributed by Mrs. A. W. Oberlander.

Regular readers know that I have a complete aversion to eggs and would prefer to never come close to a boiled egg, but perhaps a ‘deliciously flavored’ one will convince me to join the world of egg lovers. I filled a small saucepan with water and put it on the stove to come to a boil. I took an egg out the fridge at the same time since I assume that eggs in summer 1906 might not come from an ice box or cold cellar as cold as they do from my fridge. Once the water was boiling I removed the pot from the stove and put in the entire egg. I decided to cover the pot and then left it alone for the required 10 minutes. I wasn’t sure whether to expect a soft-boiled egg or hard-boiled but I decided to cut the top off my egg. I watched my grandfather do this every morning whenever I stayed over. His egg always sat in an egg cup and he carefully tapped around the top with a knife. Even though I despised eggs I loved watching this ritual.

Based on information from the Waterloo Generations website I know that Mrs. A. W. Oberlander was 70-year-old Matilda, the wife of Reverend Alexander Oberlander and mother of other recipe contributors Reverend Frederick E., Meda and Matilda plus eight other children. Her husband became the minister for St. Peter’s Lutheran church in Berlin when the previous minister Von Pirch died in Cullman, Alabama in March 1905. Later her son took the position. The couple was born in Germany where four of the children were also born but the rest were born in New York state where Matilda and Alexander lived most of the time.

I must have dropped my egg a little too hard into the sauce pan as it had a crack with a bit of cooked egg oozing out. Nevertheless I too tapped around the top of my egg and carefully lifted the “lid”. The white was firm but still had some give to it. The yolk was cooked but not completely hard. This method doesn’t result in either a soft-boiled or hard-boiled egg but something in between. I still don’t like eggs but if you like soft or hard-boiled eggs then this technique is great. Just experiment until you find the perfect timing for your preferred egg.

Place egg in a kettle of boiling water, remove immediately from fire, let egg in water for 10 minutes. This is delicious.

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One Response to Day 190 A Deliciously Flavored Boiled Egg

  1. Laurie says:

    Since Grandpa couldn’t even boil an egg himself, he might have benefited from these straightforward instructions.

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