189 Ice Tea

After seven relaxing days at the cottage I am back home. Home to a very hot house which is in chaos. The drywalling has begun and everything that was still in my living room is now in my kitchen. That’s why I decided to make Ice Tea as today’s recipe from the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. No name is attached to this recipe.

I heated water and poured it over the tea. I let it steep until it was quite strong and then put it in my fridge, the 2012 version of an icebox. Once it was cold I poured it into a tall glass, added some ice and a little bit of sugar. Perfect! I like iced tea but not if it is overly sweet. Making the iced tea myself  allowed me to adjust it to my taste. It was refreshing on such a hot day. Modern cooks can experiment with the type of tea used but try a basic black tea for the tradition type of Ice Tea.


Make very strong tea, set in ice box to cool; serve with cracked ice in each tumbler, sweeten to taste.

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