Day 179 Cheese Sandwiches

I selected a very simple recipe today as I’m not feeling well. The recipe, contributed by Mrs. M. Roos, for Cheese Sandwiches in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book requires very little time or effort.

There are several recipes in the cook book that require cream cheese. I purchased a product called Western Cream Cheese since it looked like it might be close to the cream cheese of 1906. It doesn’t contain any stabilizers or thickeners like other commercial cream cheese. However, I wasn’t expecting an instruction to grate the cream cheese. Clearly I need to find out more about turn of the 20th century cheese. The cream cheese I purchased is spreadable like any other cream cheese product but it is impossible to grate. I went ahead and lightly buttered some brown bread and spread the cream cheese on the slice. Next I put the sandwich directly in the oven. I’d set the temperature for 350 degrees although it could probably go higher. I left it in about 10 minutes until the sandwich was hot and somewhat toasted and the cheese was warm.

Mrs. M. Roos is Louise Pabst. She married Micheal Roos and they had four children by the time the 1901 census rolled around. The 1911 census shows the family living on 14 Irvin Street in Berlin. Micheal works as  a travelling salesperson for a wholesale grocery. Although three of the children are teenagers none of them are working.

This version of cheese sandwich was very comforting and easy to eat. The flavour is mild but still palatable. It turned out to be the perfect thing to eat when I am feeling under the weather.

Excellent cheese sandwiches are made of slices of brown bread slightly buttered and spread with rich cream cheese grated. Set the sandwiches in the oven a few moments till the cheese melts. Serve hot.

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