Day 163 Steam Pudding

Today was a hot day that suddenly became a cooler rainy day. It seemed a good time to try making another steamed pudding. This one is simply called Steam Pudding and was contributed by Mrs. Cressman for the 1906 Berlin Cook Book.

I didn’t have any cream to make sour so I used regular commercial sour cream. I blended it with the brown sugar and then added the two medium eggs. I added the baking soda and raisins. I looked at the sloppy mixture and couldn’t imagine it becoming a steamed pudding. I decided it must need flour too. I added one cup of all-purpose flour. I greased a pudding mold and poured in the mixture. I popped the mold into a large pot of water to boil for one hour.

Mrs. Cressman contributed several recipes I’ve already prepared and I still don’t know very much about her. There are at least two possibilities just in Berlin including the wife of Mr. M. C. Cressman who ran a dry goods store. If Mrs. Cressman worked in the store too then she would have an opportunity to hear about the plans for the Berlin Cook Book.

Adding flour turned this pudding into a nice pudding instead of a mess. This is a good plain steamed pudding in a manageable size. A modern cook might want to add some spice to the batter or accompany the pudding with a strongly flavoured sauce instead of a plain sauce.  There is no suet in the pudding so it is suitable for vegetarians.

1 cup sour cream, 1 cup brown sugar, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon soda, 1 cup raisins or currants, steam 1 hour.

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