Day 122 Soup Drops

I wanted to try something different so I selected the recipe for Soup Drops in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. Meda Oberlander contributed this interesting recipe.

I cracked an egg into a bowl and added some bread crumbs. I melted a bit of butter and then a little more bread crumbs until I had a soft dough. I mixed in the dried herb since I didn’t have fresh. I heated beef broth to boiling and then dropped in balls of this dough.

Meda Oberlander is associated with many of the recipes in the cook book. I have a strong feeling she is the organizer for this cook book. As the sister of the Lutheran minister she was in a good position to gather recipes from all sorts of women.

These little balls of dough were surprisingly tasty. A vegetarian might find them a good substitute for little meat balls especially in something like Italian Wedding Soup. A modern cook can have fun tossing these balls in a variety of broths and in experimenting with different herbs in the dough. I can imagine dill or oregano or tarragon adding a little texture and taste to plain broths.

Add to a chicken or beef bouillon, balls about the size of a hickory nut, made of grated bread crumbs, mixed with one egg, a little melted butter and some finely chopped parsley. Press them together firmly and drop into soup stock.

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One Response to Day 122 Soup Drops

  1. Desmond Jagger-Parsons says:

    There’s a Jewish soup recipe – Matzoh ball soup that is really similar. I wonder was it a basic European/German recipe of the time?

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