Day 108 Date Sandwiches

My house was uninhabitable tonight so we’ve moved to a B & B for a couple of nights. I quickly packed the supplies to make Mrs. G Bergmann’s Date Sandwiches. I’ve just finished preparing the filling in my comfortable room on Ellen street. Several of the contributors to the 1906 Berlin Cook Book lived on the same street!

I packed dates, pre chopped walnuts, a little cream, a cutting board, knife, bakers brown bread and butter. I chopped the dates and mixed them with the walnuts and sort of squished it together since I forgot to bring a bowl. I added a little cream and then placed it on a piece of buttered bread.

Mrs. G. Bergmann is probably listed as Anna Bergman in the 1901 census. Twenty-six year old Anna is married to George and they have a four-year old daughter Freida. George is a tailor and they are of German heritage and Lutheran. Ten years later the family appears in the Chatham Ontario area in the 1911 census. They are listed as German and Presbyterian. George is still a tailor. I wonder why they moved to this community? It looks like they are living in an apartment building.

The date sandwiches are surprisingly good. This type of sandwich was very popular at tea parties in the early twentieth century. I wonder if Mrs. Bergman(n) made them for special occasions or on a more regular basis? Modern cooks should try this recipe at least once just to experience a taste of the past. And if I can make it without a kitchen, no one has an excuse not to try it!

1/2 cup dates, 1/2 cup walnuts , cream, use whole wheat bread, mash dates, add chopped walnuts and moisten with cream.

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