Day 107 Tea

Yes, I realize that a recipe for Tea seems a bit strange but it actually appears in the 1906 Berlin Cook Book! I had hoped to make this while hosting a tea party but in the current circumstances Tea seemed my best option. Right now my home is full of plaster dust and my kitchen is full of things needing protection from plaster dust. It didn’t seem safe to attempt anything more exacting than a simple cup of tea. This recipe does not have the name of a contributor attached so today’s entry will be brief.

I boiled some water in a modern electric kettle as my stove top version was inaccessible. I selected a type of loose leaf tea available in 1906 — Twinings Earl Grey.  This recipe follows the formula of a teaspoon for every cup and one for the pot. I warmed my teapot as recommended by my favourite tea drinkers. Note the instruction about setting back the pot. This of course suits a kitchen with a wood stove rather than a modern electric stove. I had to settle for letting the tea steep in a warm place for the required amount of time.

As it turns out, a nice cup of tea was just what I needed, however, this was an okay cup of tea. Steeping a small amount of tea leaves for such a long time resulted in stewed tea and not the delicate bergamot flavour of Earl Grey. It was drinkable and would probably work with a blander variety of tea.  I’ll stick to a few minutes of steeping with my treasured Earl Grey tea.

2 teaspoons tea; 1 large cup boiling water, set back where it will not boil and steep 10 to 12 minutes.

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One Response to Day 107 Tea

  1. Laurie says:

    This is a creative solution to keeping up the blog amidst a home disaster!

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