Day 103 Scrambled Eggs with Chopped Ham

Today was a busy day as my home was being “packed out” in preparation for additional remediation work due to the water damage a week ago. My kitchen currently has piles of the things I need for the next 5 weeks plus some huge pieces of drying equipment. It makes cooking an interesting challenge so the recipe Miss Nuss contributed for Scrambled Eggs with Chopped Ham is perfect. It seems simple and will use some of my leftover ham.

The instructions are quite clear in the recipe so it was easy to follow. I used 3 medium eggs. The most unusual aspect of this recipe is making scrambled eggs in a saucepan instead of a frying pan. Miss Nuss remains a mystery. She doesn’t appear in the 1901 census or on the Waterloo Generations website. That particular surname doesn’t even appear in either census in Ontario. My taster from Northern Ireland liked these scrambled eggs and I liked them too. Normally I add various seasonings to cover up the taste of egg but this simple recipe made the eggs very palatable along with a piece of toast. This is a fun recipe to try in front of others due to the surprise use of a saucepan.

Melt 3 tablespoonsful of butter in a saucepan, put into this a cup of chopped ham, stir and cook until heated through, then stir in three eggs slightly beaten with 3 tablespoonsful of milk; keep stirring until egg is set, then turn on to a warm serving dish.

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