Day 95 Lettuce Sandwiches

I had planned to save this recipe for a hot summer day but I’ve had a burst water pipe in my home. This is all I can manage for today. I’ll add something about the contributor tomorrow.

So today I am making Lettuce Sandwiches since they are quick and easy. This recipe was contributed by Mrs. Ph. Gies for the 1906 Berlin Cook Book. I had some spring greens and the mustard dressing from a previous post. I put it on some thin brown bread with butter. I must admit I skipped cutting the sandwich into shapes.

Lettuce sandwiches taste much as you’d expect. The choice of dressing will affect the flavour.

Prepare these by selecting small crisp lettuce leaves, placing them on flnely sliced and buttered bread, spreading salad dressing over them and laying another leaf on top of this, cut into desired shapes.

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