Day 76 Cheese Sandwiches

Today’s recipe was made in a hotel room. It was a challenge to find a way to continue the cooking part of the blog while out of town. I selected the Cheese Sandwhiches recipe submitted by Miss G. Debus for the 1906 Berlin Cook Book since it doesn’t require cooking and is still in season for March.

Miss Georgina Maud Debus contributed a number of recipes for this cookbook. She was twenty years old at the time of publishing. In 1901 she is living with her parents and younger sister and younger brother. In 1911 she is a nurse in a local hospital.

Supplies for "cooking" in my hotel room.

I grated the cheese and chopped some walnuts at home and then measured them to bring with me. I buttered two slices of brown bread and brought some cream with me. I used the 2012 version of an icebox by bringing an insulated lunch bag with freezer packs to keep everything cold until morning and even remembered a spoon for mixing.

I mixed the cheese and walnuts together and added just a dribble of cream. I spread the mixture on my pre buttered bread. We sampled them first thing in the morning and it is good. I think I’d reduce the amount of walnuts slightly. My taster found the walnuts a nice surprise since I called it a cheese sandwich. A cook might want to add a little seasoning to add some more zest to the filling.

Cheese sandwich filling.


3 tablespoons of cheese, a 1/4 cup of walnuts meat, enough cream to mix to a paste, mix ingredients evenly and prepare the bread. Butter on slice, spread mixture over it and cover with other slice.

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  1. lauriebest says:

    Great idea Carolyn! Did you know my dughter Gill and I have our own blog? It’s You’d probably enjoy it…it’s about Boomer and Boomerang living together. Funny and relevant. Send me your email.Love to keep in touch. Laurie

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