Day 11 Stuffed Dates, Mill Walnuts

After spending the evening at the library conducting research, I selected a quick candy recipe from the Berlin Cook Book to make for day 11. Stuffed Dates, Mill Walnuts (p. 277) might be better named — dates stuffed with walnuts. The title is almost as long as the actual recipe submitted by 32-year-old Meta Oberlander. In the 1911 census her first name is listed as Meda and she is living with her brother the Reverend F. E Oberlander. The change in the spelling of her name makes me suspect the “mill” in the recipe title is German “mitt” meaning “with”. No matter — it is a delicious recipe.

I stocked up on fresh dates and various whole nuts at the end of December in preparation for this project. Miss Oberlander could choose from a large number of suppliers in 1906. A Berlin city directory lists at least twelve grocers and several sellers of fruit.

On today’s date in 1906, one of the local newspapers, The Berlin Daily Telegraph had a notice promoting an upcoming cooking demonstration at the YWCA on the topic of Fruit. I wonder if dates would have been included in the hour-long lecture? There was also a new butcher shop opening on Gaukel street opposite the electric light works. Readers were encouraged to telephone and the order would be delivered. According to a newspaper ad for  J. A. Good & Co ‘s store I could purchase any of the following for just  25 cents: Cocoa Jugs, Rock Coffee Pots, Teapots, Bacon Dishes, Cucumber Trays, Cheese Stands and Jugs in assorted colours.

I used Medjool dates and simply sliced the date open along one edge and took out the pit. I cracked open an English walnut and took out the meat and put it in place of the pit. The date closed up easily and it was simple to roll it in some powdered sugar (also known as icing sugar or confectioners sugar). It looked nice and tasted very good. Perhaps Miss Oberlander served these on a pretty glass tray for special events or perhaps boxed them to be sold at a church fundraiser.  Keep this recipe in mind if you want a quick sweet that is reasonably healthy and easy to make.

Remove stones from large perfect dates, inserting half of an English walnut, close up and roll in powdered sugar.

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2 Responses to Day 11 Stuffed Dates, Mill Walnuts

  1. Laurie says:

    Hey, that’s easy enough that I could do it. Another version of that is good: dried figs stuffed with blue cheese and a whole pecan. I don’t usually like blue cheese but it really brings out the flavour of the fig.

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